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silja's unique voice brings the listener to another world.

Silja Rós grew up in the singer-songwriter scene in Reykjavík. She released her debut album in 2017 which received great response. The album was chosen the Album of The Week at the Icelandic National radio station Rás 2.

After studying jazz Silja Rós got inspired by RnB Soul music which is currently her main focus. Her love for harmonies, jazz chords and catchy melodies shine through her music. Lyrics are very important to the artist and often tell a personal story from her own life or others around her. "For me music has always been therapeutic & healing so I've always felt safe exploring my emotions and thoughts through music."

Silja Rós has also worked as songwriter for various artists including Rikardo, Future Lion, Magnus Dagsson, Unnur Sara and the French Electro band Darwin x Mainecoon.

Book Silja Rós:

 An amazing experience with the wonderful Icelandic Jazz Soul RnB Princess.

-Teddy B (Music&Context)

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